The full budget for making the animation film is 255 674 408 HUF (887 758 EUR). We are grateful to our contributors within and outside of Hungary. If you wish to support our project financially, you can donate directly to the account of the Luther Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary:

IBAN: HU05117080012220278100000000



  • Reformation Remembrance Committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary
  • Lutheran World Federation (German National Committee)
  • Lutheran World Federation (Department for Mission and Development)
  • National Cultural Fund (Hungary)
  • Hungarian Government
  • Church of Westfalia
  • MTVA / Media Council (Hungary)
  • German Embassy in Budapest
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
  • Gustav-Adolf-Werk, Hauptgruppe Pfalz (Schröter-Stiftung)
  • Szerencsejáték Plc.
  • Martin-Luther-Bund
  • Gustav-Adolf-Werk
  • Lutheran congregation of Torgau